Wealth Management


"How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case." - Robert G. Allen

There are many ways to invest for the longer term and many different strategies offered by investment houses. As independent financial advisers, we will always guide you to the one that best suits your purpose or where you feel most comfortable.

Our view is that the greatest threat to a successful long-term investment strategy is inflation. If your investments don’t outperform inflation then the value of your capital will recede in true value.

An investment strategy is always for the long term and usually involves the principle assets of equities and fixed interest securities. Equities are assumed to offer long term growth and generally fixed income securities are employed to reduce volatility in a strategy.

It follows that varying the proportion of equities to fixed income will influence investment return and volatility. More equity equals potentially a better return over time. More fixed income is a likely depressant of volatility but with potentially lower returns.  

Our advice is underpinned by understanding the following three points;

  • We have no influence over the investment marketpot
  • We are unable to predict returns from the investment market and
  • We do not believe anyone else possess those skill sets either

Which leads to our core beliefs when constructing advice for clients are;

  • Good diversification is fundamental to investment success over time
  • Passive asset allocation avoids the errors in calling the market
  • Active fund manager stock selection can add value in most markets
  • Investment returns come from time in the market not timing the market

RHL Investment Proposition

We look to help you identify your own personal investment strategy. This involves reviewing your current assets, your financial objectives and your attitude to investment risk.

We firmly believe the best investment strategies are the ones that work for the individual investor. In other words, investment strategies are a bit like diets, there is no best investment strategy, just the one that works for you.

Fundamental is creating your belief that you have made the right choices, you are comfortable with the decisions you have made, can remain faithful to the investment concept and it works for you over time.

The very worst thing would be to abandon a well thought out proposition for the latest trend and hop from one strategy (or diet) to another.

We encourage our clients to stay with the time honoured practice of using collective investment funds with ready realisable assets, simple mandates and bring them together to create a well-diversified investment strategy.

Our service is advisory; we offer our clients an ongoing review of their investment strategy and an annual rebalance to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

As independent financial advisers, we are able to consider a range of investment strategies from discretionary fund managers, model portfolios and multi asset propositions. We also offer our own in house proposition which has a well proven record and can be tailored to individual client needs.