Know what you own - Part 2
Last month I reviewed a portfolio that was not fit for purpose. The high proportion of low return assets fundamentally meant that the clients could not make a real return on their investments.

I turn to the very high-profile fund manager, Neil Woodford, a very successful manager with Invesco and consider his current woes within his own firm.

Know What You Own

Know what you own
I was recently advising a new client to our business on the subject of investment and expected returns. They had been disappointed by investment returns from a portfolio provided by their previous advisory firm.

They felt that their portfolio had not really made any money over a number of years and they were unsettled with the advice they had received in recent times.

Reviewing their portfolio and how it was constructed, it was easy to see why it had failed to live up to expectations.

A Welcome Relief

A Welcome Relief

George and Mildred are comfortably off with a large house in a nice area and a cash rich engineering business.

George ran the business but was beginning to take a back seat as he was entering his late sixties and had employed a good manager in the shape of their son, William.

They were concerned about Inheritance Tax (IHT). George had started the business forty years ago and built it up from nothing. They were not keen that HMRC would take 40% in tax on their deaths so they decided to take advice.

The chap from Rutherford Hughes Limited (RHL) sat down with them and asked them about what their fears and concerns were and what they wanted to achieve. The RHL adviser explained more about IHT, the thresholds, reliefs and potential solutions.

IHT Planning

Immediately Effective IHT Planning

Here at Rutherford Hughes, we like to think we know a thing or two about Inheritance Tax Planning. However, it is an area which causes some confusion with the public.